On April 7th, Professors Alex Fogarty (School of Media Arts & Design) and Kevin Zepper (English) presented at the Minnesota Innovation Grant Virtual Conference. They were joined by Kelly Blackledge, Ranger at Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge. Their presentation to Innovation Grant attendees, outlined their 20k grant project, “Finding Refuge.” In addition to Blackledge, Fogarty, and Zepper, the grant committee members include Travis Dolence (Library), Tonya “TJ” Hansen (Economics), and Dr. David Kramar (NDSU). The focus of the presentation was the inclusiveness of the project and the design of the “Wild Inspired” app, connecting visitors to the refuge with GIS technology and the ability to create art on a virtual map. This Shark Tank-style grant is the first of its kind awarded to the Minnesota State University Moorhead Campus. The Finding Refuge Project and the Wild Inspired App will potentially see replication for use at state parks, wildlife refuges, and nature trails throughout the Minnesota and Federal Land Management systems.