4 tips for parents and families before National Decision Day

4 tips for parents and families before National Decision Day

May 1st – or National Decision Day for prospective college students – is just around the corner. If you or someone in your family has been accepted to MSUM we want to know – are you ready to be a Dragon?

If you’re ready, it’s time to accept your admission! You can do this today using our online portal.

Once you’ve accepted you will receive access to the Student Orientation Advising & Registration (SOAR) information and an acceptance package will be mailed with some special goodies to share your Dragon Pride.

We recommend making travel accommodations for SOAR events as soon as possible. This is a simple task that can take some of the stress out of the hectic fall schedule. You may also want to look into arrangements for Family Weekend. Visit the Family section of the website to learn more about the ways a student’s family can experience MSUM.

For parents & families

It’s important to know your student will have many things on their mind as they prepare for the transition to the college lifestyle. Here are a few items you can explore to help them out.


Your new young adult may be eager to live independently, but since research shows students who live on campus tend to perform better, we require all first-year students to live in MSUM housing. Encourage your student to complete their housing contract early as this secures their position in the queue for selecting a room.

Read more about important housing deadlines here >>

Transcripts and transfer credits

If your student has AP, PSEO, or transfer credits please review MSUM’s transferring credit policy. This information may be vital to long-term planning for your child’s chosen major. Have copies of your student’s transcript prepared and keep copies somewhere you can both easily access if necessary.

Read more about transfer credits here >>

Financial aid and scholarships

If your child is eligible for financial aid you will want to complete the FAFSA application. Make sure you have all the paperwork in order so the process can go smoothly.

Don’t forget that MSUM offers a single application scholarship portal each year for current and incoming students to access 300+ scholarships with one application. Applications are open each year from Oct. 1 – Feb. 1.

Have you explored all available options for financial aid and scholarships? Prospective employers, local service organizations, and even offbeat groups may have something for your child. Did you know there are scholarships available for women who write horror stories? Or percussionists ? Or potato enthusiasts? Research your child’s area of study and you may find some hidden sources of financial support.

Read more about financial aid here >>

Become familiar with the Fargo-Moorhead community

The F-M area is a “big-little city.” The area has great features like museums, dining, a thriving arts community, beautiful outdoor spaces, mass transit, and fun community events. It also boasts a low crime rate, affordable cost of living, and a comfortable small-town feel. Find the things that interest you and enjoy the city!

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Choosing a college to attend is a big decision, and a big moment in life. It can be a great opportunity to celebrate as a family. Acknowledge the effort you have put into weighing the pros and cons of this choice, and be proud of your decision!

It’s a great day to be a Dragon!