What parents think about MSUM 

Parents can trust that their students will be supported at Minnesota State University Moorhead. Read what Chad and Jennifer Mattson say about their daughter Jordan’s experience as a Dragon: 

Jordan chose Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM) for multiple reasons. Firstly, the university’s reputation for its high-quality education program stood out prominently. Secondly, the appeal of smaller class sizes offered a more personalized and focused learning environment. Affordability, as her parents, served as a beacon, making MSUM an attractive choice. Beyond these, MSUM’s reputation for exceptional student care and support resonated strongly with Jordan. Ultimately, these factors combined to make MSUM the ideal option, embodying the qualities crucial for Jordan’s academic journey and ensuring a well-rounded and fulfilling educational experience.

Chad & Jennifer Mattson with daughter Jordan

Minnesota State University Moorhead is special in our family’s history. Jordan’s proud MSUM graduate grandfather shaped our connection with the university. Growing up, games at MSUM were a tradition, fostering a sense of belonging. It was almost destiny that another family member would continue the legacy as a proud Dragon. 

Hearing Jordan express such positivity about her daily life at MSUM is wonderful. The fact that she feels supported on multiple levels and has meaningful interactions with advisors and individuals genuinely invested in her success speaks volumes about the university’s commitment to fostering a supportive and encouraging environment for its students. 

Jordan’s evolution as a leader at MSUM is genuinely remarkable. Witnessing her burgeoning confidence and the growth of her leadership skills through active involvement in campus activities and on-campus work is undeniably a testament to the university’s environment that encourages personal and professional development. It’s fantastic to hear her speak passionately about her experiences on campus. 

Despite being a university, MSUM provides a unique small college ambiance. Jordan’s encounters and opportunities as a Dragon have significantly contributed to her growth as a well-rounded individual. These experiences have nurtured her development as a future educator and, more importantly, as a responsible adult.   

We could not be happier about the time Jordan has spent on campus at Minnesota State University Moorhead and would recommend MSUM to any family who is interested in a university that has their child’s best interests at heart.

Chad & Jennifer Mattson 
Parents of Jordan Mattson – Class of 2024 

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