Dolence, Hansen, and Zepper present at the Minnesota Humanities Center

Professor Travis Dolence (Library), Dr. T.J. Hansen (Economics), and Professor Kevin Zepper (English) presented at the Minnesota Writing and English Conference on April 7th at The Minnesota Humanities Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. The conference topic was “Changing the Narrative: Empowering Stories.” Their presentation, “Nature and Creative Writing: The Finding Refuge Project,” was a roundtable discussion regarding their project, creating […]

Dolence and Zepper Teach Students at Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge

On Friday, May 14, Professors Travis Dolence (Library) and Kevin Zepper (English) taught 9th graders from the Detroit Lakes School District. Using a short poetic form, Dolence and Zepper encouraged students to hike briefly through the Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge near Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. More than one hundred students wrote up to three short poems on their experiences with nature. […]

Minnesota Innovation Grant Awardees Present at State Conference

On April 7th, Professors Alex Fogarty (School of Media Arts & Design) and Kevin Zepper (English) presented at the Minnesota Innovation Grant Virtual Conference. They were joined by Kelly Blackledge, Ranger at Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge. Their presentation to Innovation Grant attendees, outlined their 20k grant project, “Finding Refuge.” In addition to Blackledge, Fogarty, and Zepper, the grant committee members […]

Dolence, Rundquist have podcasting article published

Travis Dolence and Nayt Rundquist (New Rivers Press) have had an innovation grant-related article published in Academic & Student Affairs at Minnesota State (ASA) Newsletter. “Attack of the Pod People – Establishing and Maintaining a Student-Created Podcast” discusses the opportunities and challenges of establishing and maintaining a student podcast.

Faculty awarded $19,561 for ‘Shark Tank’ Presentation

MSUM faculty were awarded $19,561 (full funding) for their Minnesota Innovation Grant “Shark Tank” Presentation, “Finding Refuge: Using GIS Technology to unite natural, historical, cultural, and creative experiences in the Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge.” The Finding Refuge grant committee includes: Professor Travis Dolence (Distance Learning/Web Librarian), Professor Alex Fogarty (Graphic Communications), Professor Tonya “TJ” Hansen (Economics), Dr. David Kramer (Technical […]