Assistive Technology Awareness Day

The Regional Assistive Technology Center (RATC) along with the MSUM Speech-Language & Hearing Clinic is excited to share that Governor Tim Waltz has declared April 14, 2021 as Assistive Technology Awareness Day! Within the proclamation it states assistive technology devices and services allow individuals to live independently and participate fully in their community. Assistive technology plays an important role in fulfilling the promise of the Americans with Disabilities act by enhancing the lives of people with disabilities and increasing access to educational and employment opportunities. The Minnesota STAR program is a federal assistive technology program in Minnesota that has provided assistive technology equipment guidance and support to Minnesota residents with disabilities of all ages for 32 years.

The Regional Assistive Technology Center which is housed in MSUM’s Speech-Language & Hearing Clinic in Murray Hall was established to provide communication devices and knowledge of augmentative communication systems to consumers, families, and professionals in Minnesota and North Dakota. In addition to providing knowledge about and services for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices, the center also provides information about and services for assistive technology.

The MSUM Regional Assistive Technology Center (RATC) has recently partnered with the Minnesota STAR Program, which works with established assistive technology (AT) loan programs to provide loans and demonstrations of AT devices to Minnesota’s older adults and those with disabilities. The STAR Program strives to increase consumer understanding of AT devices through demonstrations and short- and long-term loans.

The STAR Program allows for short-term loans of 30 days or fewer to determine if a requested device will meet your needs. Open-ended loans that allow you to keep previously used devices as long as needed are also available.

For any questions or to receive additional information about assistive technology, please reach out to (218) 477-2381.