Are you eager to use your career as a way to make a difference? Consider adding a Sustainability minor or major. Want a “bright outlook” career with nearly 120,000 job openings projected for the next eight years, according The Occupational Information Network (O*NET), sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor? 

This promising career is a sustainability specialist, which is just one of a number of careers you can pursue by adding a minor or a major in Sustainability. All eight courses required for the minor, which also make up the core courses for the major, also satisfy the majority of the LASC goals (LASC 2,3,3L,5,6,8,9,10) needed to graduate. This means that you can complete most of your LASC requirements while getting a minor, without paying for any extra courses. If you then take 18 more credits, plus an internship, you can add a Sustainability major to your existing major and graduate with a double major. The Sustainability major pairs well with any science major (biology, chemistry, geosciences, physics) as well as English, history, political science, economics, business, project management, sociology, and anthropology, just to mention a few of the many possible combinations you could pursue at MSUM. 

What should you do if you are interested? Four things: 1) try out the program by enrolling in SUST 200 – Nature of Sustainability (LASC 2) this fall, 2) add a SUST minor or major so that your interest is counted as we anticipate future number of seats in our Sustainability courses, 3) contact the Sustainability Committee Chair, Alison Wallace ( for advising information, and 4) contact Jordan Witherill (, president of the Sustainable Student Association, to learn more about the minor/major and related campus opportunities.

You can also come find us during Earth Day next Thursday, April 22nd on the campus mall from 12-4!


Alison Wallace