Clothesline Project on display

Sept. 12-22 | Roland Dille Center for the Arts Great White Hall

The Clothesline Project will be on display throughout weekdays beginning Tuesday, Sept. 12 through Friday Sept. 22 in the Roland Dille Center for the Arts Great White Hall. Survivors of gender-based violence and their loved ones emblazon T-shirts with their stories, direct messages to their abusers, and sometimes strong imagery and leave them on display. These shirts document the prevalence of gender-based violence, aid in the healing process of survivors, and celebrate their strength and courage, often sending a message of hope to others who remain silent about their experiences. 

Visit the display to witness their stories. Visitors can decorate their own shirts and contribute to the display at select times T-TH. Materials provided on site. Please visit our Facebook event page for more detailed information. Co-sponsored by the Women’s Center and Campus Feminist Organization with special thanks to Art Gallery Director Bertha Vasquez and her crew.