More than fifty 6th graders from Kindred School District visited the wellness center this week for a field trip of exercise related activities. This is the second consecutive year they have visited. Students participated in 45 minute sessions of Rock Climbing, Yoga, an Obstacle Course designed and lead by our student personal trainers as well as had some free time to shoot hoops and play volleyball on the courts. Students concluded their visit with bagged lunches at the Underground.

This spring the Wellness Center has also hosted groups of 11th graders from Moorhead High School and will be hosting Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton field trips and Fargo Public Schools. In addition, for the first time, they will be coordinating the events for and hosting the Colfax Post Prom after hours from 1-4am. The Wellness Center is available for facility rental and/or event coordination for large and small groups on and off campus. Inquiries can be referred to 218-477-4300 or by email at