A Spark

If you’ve never met Rai, you’re missing out. He’s not only an incredible building manager in the student union – he was voted Student Leader of the Year by his co-workers last spring – he’s also an amazing designer and artist! You might have seen some of his work on the bulletin boards around campus last year promoting ODI events […]

Moorhead Mall Madness!

Be excited. The Dragons have teamed up with the Moorhead Center Mall to bring you an outrageous night of fun, games, activities, prizes, food and shopping. You could even win free pizza for a year! (Yep, you heard that right!) Plus, we have tons of other prizes you can win! What’s happening during Moorhead Mall Madness: Activities Bingo Scooter races Giant […]

Highlighting Churches United for the Homeless for Dragon Volunteers

Churches United for the Homeless  How does your organization serve our community? The mission of Churches United is to provide “shelter and support in a spiritual setting.” This mission emphasizes our three main tenets: (1) shelter- to furnish a temporary emergency shelter for homeless people (2) support -to refer residents to appropriate services such as job service, social services, mental […]

Highlighting Cass Clay Alive for Dragon Volunteers

How does your organization serve our community? CassClayAlive! is a healthy living initiative of Dakota Medical Foundation. Our goal is to reduce overweight and obesity rates in 2-19-year-olds in Cass and Clay counties by 20 percent by 2020. It is a collaboration of health-minded organizations that have joined to make Cass and Clay counties the healthiest place in America to […]

Join the Dragon Leadership Program

You’ve probably heard about the Dragon Leadership Program – or the DLP – as we fondly call it. Maybe, though, you don’t really know what it is. Or why you should be part of it. Let us tell you just three things about the DLP, and we think you’ll agree that being in the DLP is a terrific idea! First, […]