Join the Dragon Leadership Program

You’ve probably heard about the Dragon Leadership Program – or the DLP – as we fondly call it. Maybe, though, you don’t really know what it is. Or why you should be part of it.

Let us tell you just three things about the DLP, and we think you’ll agree that being in the DLP is a terrific idea!

First, you should know that the DLP is really what you make it. We do have a list of requirements for the DLP, the fun part is that you can choose the experiences you want to meet those requirements! This allows you to tailor the program to your interests, needs and talents. Students typically complete the program in 3-4 years, so don’t look at the checklist of requirements and panic! We plan for it to be a long-term program while you’re at MSUM. And did we mention you get a sweet medallion to wear at graduation? (Check out the pic of our 2014 DLP grads above and see for yourself!)

Second, the DLP allows you the opportunity to have an on-campus mentor. This is actually really cool! It’s no secret that having a mentor positively affects students. Don’t believe us? Read more about mentoring. We pair you up with a staff or faculty member who meets with you regularly and helps you explore opportunities to grow personally and professionally. Many of our students stay in touch with their mentors even after graduation. Bonus, you also will meet plenty of other MSUM students who just might become lifelong friends!

Third, the DLP helps you learn from your experiences, which comes in really handy during internship or job interviews! Through the reflection process that is part of the DLP, you are able to figure out what you learned from your different experiences and what some of those transferrable skills are – and employers love that! In fact, while we were developing the program, we worked with several employers in the Moorhead-Fargo area to figure out what experiences we could offer students that would help them develop skills to be successful in the workplace.

Ready to apply for the DLP? Great! Just answer four questions for us and you’ll be good to go. Remember to apply by September 19, 2014!

Not quite convinced that DLP is the right fit for you? Check out the website to learn more. Or consider our Emerging Leaders program, which is only an 8-week commitment and will provide you with great growth opportunities.