History of the CMU

When one refers to a student union, more often than not they are referring to a building on college campus that is devoted to student activities.  A place that can be considered the center of a college’s universe, so to speak.  For Minnesota State University Moorhead, the Comstock Memorial Union is just that place. The history of the Comstock Memorial […]

CMU Scavenger Hunt

#GetActive and Celebrate 50 years of the CMU by participating in our week-long Scavenger Hunt! The hunt will begin April 24th and has been extended to April 28th at 11pm during the CMU’s 50 Celebration event! To play: Use the hints on the Scavenger Hunt card to find the items hidden throughout the interior areas of the CMU. Every item is hidden in […]

Construction: Week 4

As you’ve probably noticed from our Facebook and Twitter posts, construction is fully underway here at the Comstock Memorial Union. Started only four short weeks ago, the construction is making way for a more open concept student collaboration space, a new entrance and addition, ample daylight, and many other fantastic features! The temporary walls appeared on May 22nd, blocking students […]

Meet Louis, the 2015 Homecoming Photographer

This Homecoming season, keep your eye out for the man behind the camera lens, Louis R. Zurn! Louis is originally from Benson, MN and is pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Communications with an Emphasis in Digital Design and Production. As you can probably figure out from his photo, when he’s not busy taking photographs and/or studying, Louis enjoys watching My Little […]

Construction Day 1

It’s here – it’s finally here! Day One for the construction for our renovation and addition project is upon us. You might be wondering, “What’s happening today?” Let us give you the inside scoop. Parking lot – the east half of the metered lot is being used for construction equipment and is roped off. You can still park in the […]