It’s here – it’s finally here! Day One for the construction for our renovation and addition project is upon us. You might be wondering, “What’s happening today?” Let us give you the inside scoop.

  • Parking lot – the east half of the metered lot is being used for construction equipment and is roped off. You can still park in the west half.
  • Outside – you might have seen a team of folks wearing bright yellow vests who are here to help prepare the temporary sidewalk that will be in place during construction as we add 3000 square feet on the southwest corner of the CMU.
  • ROC – the snooker table and two of the pool tables have left the building. Not to worry, there are still pool tables in the ROC for you to use!
  • Second Floor – because CMU 227 will become a lounge and pre-function space overlooking the addition when the renovation is complete, we have removed the carpet and re-purposed it by carpeting CMU 216 and 212.

We are doing what we can to minimize the impact as the spring semester wraps up – the reality of construction is that there will be some disturbances and we appreciate your understanding. If you have concerns, connect with us in person or email cmu @ to set up a time to visit.

As a reminder of upcoming changes:

  • May 5 – the Info Desk will close at 7:30pm and will not reopen. If you have questions or need assistance, the Student Union & Activities staff members can help – all you need to do is ask!
  • May 6 – in the ROC, all games will be free!
  • May 6 – the Student Union Administration Office will be closed to move to a temporary location in CMU 214 and 216
  • May 7 – Administration Office temporary location will be open
  • May 13 – the ROC will close at 5pm and will not reopen
  • May 18 – Summer hours begin and will be 7:30am-4:30pm. The only access point into the public spaces of the CMU will be through the NW entrance

IMG_3543 Comstock Memorial Union Construction Day 1IMG_3538