Highlighting Churches United for the Homeless for Dragon Volunteers

Churches United for the Homeless 

How does your organization serve our community?

The mission of Churches United is to provide “shelter and support in a spiritual setting.” This mission emphasizes our three main tenets: (1) shelter- to furnish a temporary emergency shelter for homeless people (2) support -to refer residents to appropriate services such as job service, social services, mental health services and programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (3) spiritual -to offer spiritual ministry and emotional affirmation to homeless people.

Our many community partnerships provide a variety of valuable, on-site services for our residents. Through a partnership with Sanford Health, we have a Shelter Faith Community Nurse who is here 25 hours a week. Working with the Veteran’s Administration, Churches United now has 5 beds specifically for veterans, with support and services for these veterans provided by the VA.

These partnerships are of utmost importance in working with a web of services that our residents are in need of on a regular basis. Churches United is unique in that it is the only shelter within a 250 mile radius that can accommodate single men, single women, AND one- and two-parent families. Our facility offers space for full families to stay together.

We are able to provide services not only to our residents who are staying at Churches United, but to the community as a whole. Our Community Center offers support programs and groups, a place to warm up, use the phone, and a free Community food shelf. We also offer three meals a day during the week, two hot meals each day on the weekends and after-school and evening snacks.

 How can students best serve with your organization?

We have many needs in the shelter and are always looking for people who are willing to help. With the variety of projects and needs, we won’t have any trouble finding things for you to do!

Are there particular skillsets that you are looking for in your volunteers?

No, all skillsets are welcome and beneficial to the organization. If you have particular skills you want to use, let us know! 

What specific volunteer opportunities does your organization have for MSUM students?

Shelter Custodian, Furniture Coordinator and Mover, Administrative Assistant, Shelter Assistant, Kitchen Assistant, Thrift Store Attendant, Drop-In Volunteering. One great thing is that you don’t necessarily have to set up a time to come in and help – if you have a free afternoon or evening, we welcome drop-in volunteers. Plus, the shelter is close to MSUM’s campus, so you can walk or take the bus if you don’t have a car.

Do you have any internship opportunities for students?

Yes – let us know if you are interested in exploring ideas for an internship. We’d love to talk with you!

What do you appreciate about MSUM?

Students at MSUM are willing to spend their time and efforts helping out others in their community. Having Dragons helping us is special and truly benefits the people we serve.