Dr. Hong publishes fourth book

Dr. Chang-Seong Hong, Philosophy, has published his 4th book, Dependent Arising and Emptiness, and Impermanence and Non-Self, in Seoul, Korea (November 20, 2020). This Korean-language book presents Dr. Hong’s contemporary interpretation of Buddhist Philosophy. Its cover photo is below. Dr. Hong’s 3rd book, How Bioscience Meets Buddhism (co-authored with Dr. Sun Kyeong Yu of MSU Mankato), has received from the […]

MSU Moorhead proposes budget plan to close projected gap of $6 million in 2022

Moorhead, Minn., April 15, 2020 – Minnesota State University Moorhead today shared a proposed budget plan with faculty and staff, designed to close a projected gap of $6 million in fiscal year 2022. The plan represents reductions in expenses of approximately 10% of the University’s operating budget.  The University’s budget planning process continually looks forward two fiscal years, providing time to adapt to changes in the environment.  A University-wide committee considers factors such as […]