Attention North Dakota and Michigan Student Employees!

DEADLINE: February 28, 2019  According to the Minnesota Department of Revenue, in order to remain eligible for Minnesota tax reciprocity, employees (including student employees) must re-file each calendar year. Employees who are residents of North Dakota or Michigan and wish to remain exempt from Minnesota state income tax withholding must submit a new Reciprocity Exemption / Affidavit of Residency MW-R.  […]

Campaign ends today

MSUM’s Combined Charities Campaign ends Friday, Nov. 22, 2013. In order to have your donation included in this year’s total, all pledges must be received in Human Resources by 4 p.m. Friday. To date, 142 MSUM employees have donated $31,388 towards this year’s $50,000 goal. The State currently shows 2,247 state employees pledging a total of $858,315 towards their $1 […]

Employee Excellence Award Winners

The Employee Excellence Awards luncheon was held May 16 in the CMU Ballroom. Employees are nominated by their peers for recognition in five categories. This year’s award winners include: Excellence in Service to Students: Becky Boyle Jones Excellence in Service to the Community: Shireen Alemadi Excellence in Service to the University: Classified Staff of the Livingston Lord Library: Christy Boyer, […]