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Employee Excellence Award Winners

Posted on June 07, 2013

The Employee Excellence Awards luncheon was held May 16 in the CMU Ballroom. Employees are nominated by their peers for recognition in five categories. This year’s award winners include:

Excellence in Service to Students: Becky Boyle Jones
Excellence in Service to the Community: Shireen Alemadi
Excellence in Service to the University: Classified Staff of the Livingston Lord Library: Christy Boyer, Peggy Bremer, Jenny Jensen, Jennifer Jorgenson, Kathy Ness, Peg O’Neill, Dianne Schmidt, Korella Selzler, and Lori Wallace
Excellence in Service to the University: Al Breuer
Excellence in Teaching: Dr. Lee Vigilant
Excellence in Teaching: Dr. Ruth Lumb
Excellence in Research and Creative Activity: Brad Bachmeier


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