Since June 2020, the “New Assignment Creation Experience” has been available as an opt-in option for all D2L Brightspace courses. Starting on December 16, the “New Assignment Creation Experience” will become the only option for creating and editing assignments. While creating the assignment, you can choose:  

  • to have the assignment be ungraded.  
  • to have a Grade Item created automatically with the same name as the assignment.  
  • to connect the Assignment to a previously created Grade item.  
  • to have the assignment graded, but not in the gradebook.  

Come take a tour of D2L’s new Assignments tool (document) with us. Check out the Assignment video where we look at all the changes and point out some things to be aware of when using the new tool.

The Office of Online Learning has a workshop to explore the new D2L Assignment Tool on Monday, November 8th from Noon-1:00 pm via Zoom. To register for this session & receive an Outlook invite, complete this form. 


Heather Nesemeier