Resources for Learning about Race, Racism, Privilege, and More

The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May 2020 has prompted many of our Dragons to express a desire for resources to learn more about race, racism, privilege, how they can help, etc. We’ve started compiling resources and we’ll keep adding to this as we’re able. If you have suggestions for other resources to add, send us a message osa [at] with the subject “Race Resource Blog” Looking for ways to take action? Start here.

Guided Learning Worksheet for White Folksdownload here.

Videos from the 2020 “Speak Up” Event

  • Ponny White “Let Your Fear Lead You to New Connections” – (9 min video) There are so many opportunities to dive into other cultures and communities, yet people don’t take advantage of the events or gatherings as a space to learn and connect. For folks who are part of the majority, they may experience anxiety about entering a space where they might be “the only one” – though they may not have ever given thought to the experiences of folks who are in the minority being concerned about someone “being the only one.” If folks in the majority opt out of spaces where they are the minority, we all miss out on opportunities to connect. It’s OK to feel uncomfortable, but we’ve got to get past that in order to connect with each other and deepen our understanding of the world we live in.
  • Aridasee Tisland “It’s About Time” – (38 min video) Many people avoid hard conversations and difficult topics, but staying quiet creates disconnection. Looking back at all of the challenges in her life, Aridsee Tisland recognized that those experiences connected her to others and it was important to speak up. She began to tell her story through music, helping other people with similar stories feel heard and like their stories mattered too.

Resources that are also part of the Student Life Pathways:

  • When Empathy is Not Enough – Learning to see situations from another person’s perspective is important. But sometimes empathy is not enough – we need to think about the actions we can take to stand beside people and fight alongside them. 
  • Systemic Racism Explained – this short video provides insight on systemic racism.
  • What to Say Instead of Getting Defensive – We all can unintentionally say or do things that are not inclusive. So learning how to respond when someone lets us know our words or actions were not OK is an important step in being able to build an inclusive community. 
  • Unconscious Bias Training – this LinkedIn Learning opportunity is a resource to examine your own thoughts and actions
  • Working through Disagreements – inevitably, you’ll have differing thoughts from others. This resource can help you still have a productive conversation
  • Being an Ally – this podcast will help you examine how to step up and speak up

Additional Resources compiled by Others