You can see all the Pathways, Skillsets, and Items on DragonCentral.

Video Tutorials:
1. On Your Own Items – learn how to find items that you can complete whenever, wherever and get credit for them
2. Download your Involvement Report – get a list of all the things you’ve done

What’s a Pathway?

We created five different Student Life Pathways for you. The Pathways are created around a theme to help you decide what kind of skills you want to build. The experiences in a Pathway are related to each other so that you can dive deeper into a topic and go beyond that basic level of experiences and learning. The Pathways are designed to help you be involved through your whole MSUM career – so you’ll be building skills and leveling-up over the next few years. The Pathways are

• Community Life – getting connected and involved as a Dragon
• Professional Success – developing skills to land that internship or job
• Equity & Inclusion – building knowledge and skills to engage with others
• Contribution & Influence – understanding yourself and how you show up
• Personal Wellness – understanding and using tools to be the best yo

What’s a Skill Area?

Each Pathway has three to five skill areas. Our goal is to help you build that skill through experiences and learning opportunities over time. We know that a one-hour workshop on something can’t make you an expert, so each skill area has a number of items or experiences to complete. The ultimate goal is to help you identify the skills you’ve built so you can add them to your resume or feel confident sharing what you know in a job or grad school interview one day!

What’s an item / experience?

Items and experiences differ a bit based on the Pathway or Skill Area. Completing an item may include going to an event or attending a workshop – these items will automatically get checked off for you through DragonCentral. Other items can be completed on your own time and you’ll get credit by answering a few questions about the experience, which you can do right through DragonCentral. 

What’s in it for me?

Each Pathway has unique learning experiences to build skills that’ll help you now at MSUM and in the future. By going through each one, you’ll have the fullest campus experience. And, you know, the obvious: Prizes!!

Where do I go to track my progress? Where do I find the Pathways?

The Student Life Pathways are all on DragonCentral (where else, right!?). Just sign in with your star ID and password. Then you can scroll down to find them right above “Campus Links” or use the menu in the top right with your profile image to get to Paths. After you navigate to your paths, click on one and see what progress you’ve made and what other experiences you can have. Hint: You’ve probably already started on at least one path!

Is it all just attending events?

Nope! There are plenty of items you can do On Your Own (see the video tutorial). We intentionally planned the Pathways so it’s not all just events you have to go to. We know that your schedules are packed with classes, studying, jobs, and more – so take a look at the items you can complete on your own time and get started developing your skills! 

Do I have to go in order?

Nope! You can work on multiple skills at one time. You can work on multiple paths at one time. We want you to be having the experiences and learning the things you want to learn when you want to learn them. The experiences in each skill area are intentionally put together to help you build that skill, but you can accomplish them in any order you like. 

Do I have to do the Student Life Pathways? 

Nope. You will see some events and experiences automatically being tracked for you in DragonCentral. We hope you’ll be inspired to keep going with them, but you don’t have to.

I’m a senior. How does this apply to me?

If you’ve been involved on campus, you will probably see some items in the different skill areas of a Pathway already marked as complete. The Pathways are a great way to think about the skills you’ve built and what you’ve learned through your involvement – and you can use that info to polish up your resume or when you’re prepping to interview for your dream job.

If you have questions on getting credit for previous experiences, please contact the Office of Student Activities.

Tell me about the prizes.

Prizes will be dependent on the Pathway you’ve completed and we’re developing a “menu” of prizes for the winner to choose from. For one person, it might be Dragon Gear. For another, it might be a ticket to a community event. Most prizes are about $100-$150 in value. 

If you check off all the items in a skill, you’ll be put into a drawing. Woohoo!

Once you complete all the skills in a pathway, you’ll be put into a mega-drawing for a prize that’s valued around $250. (Get excited!)

Can I put my name in a drawing more than once?

Once your name has been put in a drawing per semester for each skill area you complete, you cannot put your name in that drawing again. The entries do not roll over from semester to semester. That means you better get started on your next path!

Does my progress roll over into the next semester / year?

Yep! You can work on your Pathways your entire college career and DragonCentral will keep track of all your progress. If you start a Pathway the first semester of your Freshman year, you can finish it your last semester of your senior year (and still get your name put in a prize drawing!).

If I completed one of these before this year, is there a way I can mark this as complete?

Probably. Some things – like going to a Homecoming Event as part of the Campus Traditions – are easy to get marked off if you did them prior to this year. Other items will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If you have questions, please contact the Office of Student Activities. 

Can I apply it to my student organization?

If your organization is planning an event that you believe would meet the goals of a certain Pathway, you can contact the Office of Student Activities to chat about if it would fit the criteria. 

Can I only participate in the events listed?

There are plenty of things happening at MSUM, so we want you to do the things that you’re excited about! If you’ve been to an event or had an experience that you think may meet the criteria to complete an item, you can contact the Office of Student Activities to chat about it.

When can I get started?

Like we said, you already have! Get out there and finish it! We’ll be waiting for you at the end with prizes in hand.

Have questions we didn’t think of? Contact the Office of Student Activities to get your answer.