Committing to Action

The Student Union & Activities department is committed to taking action to address racial justice, to offer educational opportunities for students / staff / faculty to learn more, and to bring folks together for conversations about equity. We know there is always more work to be done and we are actively working on strategies, programs, trainings, and more. We believe […]

Congratulations, Student Leadership Award Winners!

On Tuesday, April 28, we celebrated with the campus community virtually. We came “together” to recognize student leaders, organizations, and programs from across campus. Even with the shift to distance learning, we had more than 110 nominations! Each of the nominees deserve a round of applause – we have so many wonderful people contributing to MSUM. During the online ceremony, […]

Pathways FAQ

You can see all the Pathways, Skillsets, and Items on DragonCentral. Video Tutorials: 1. On Your Own Items – learn how to find items that you can complete whenever, wherever and get credit for them2. Download your Involvement Report – get a list of all the things you’ve done What’s a Pathway? Pathways is a program on DragonCentral. We created […]

Celebration of Nations Recap

MSUM’s annual Celebration of Nations event happened on March 16th from 6-9pm. What is Celebration of Nations? An event put on by international students at MSUM to display art, clothing, food samples, and entertainment from their home countries. With traditional music, dances, and tasty food, this is a celebration you won’t forget. We interviewed some of the people who take […]