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Celebration of Nations Recap

MSUM’s annual Celebration of Nations event happened on March 16th from 6-9pm. What is Celebration of Nations? An event put on by international students at MSUM to display art, clothing, food samples, and entertainment from their home countries. With traditional music, dances, and tasty food, this is a celebration you won’t forget. We interviewed some of the people who take part in Celebration of Nations to learn more about this event! Keep reading to hear the highlights of Celebration of Nations and why you should put it on your bucket list for next year.

Kelsey Stacken, Interim Assistant Director for International Student Services

Celebration of Nations is a wonderful event that not only bonds the international student community, but helps show guests “a whole new world” when they enter the ballroom. I think this event is important because it brings a little piece of our international students’ homes to the MSUM community. Having studied abroad myself 10 years ago, seeing new cultures and experiencing new things is amazing, but sometimes you just want something familiar. Our hope in the International Student Services office is that events like Celebration of Nations brings that comfort and piece of home for our international students even just for a couple of hours. If any reason, I think students should come for the food! The food at Celebrations of Nations is fantastic and you never leave hungry. Another reason is just to get to know some of the international students. See their music movies and get a glimpse of other cultures.

Al Anoud Said, Early Childhood Education, Palestine

Fashion Show and Flag Parade Coordinator for Celebration of Nations

1. My favorite part of Celebration of Nations is seeing people from different cultures and trying their food. I also enjoy learning about different traditions by the entertainment, dancing, singing, and fashion show. 

2. I choose to participate in Celebration of Nations because I get to meet people from different cultures and we can talk and get to know each other. 

3. Students should come to Celebration of Nations so they can see the population of different cultures that are in their community. 

Nimrah Sohail, Business Administration, Pakistan. 

1. My favorite part of the celebrations of nations is the cheerfulness and unity of several nations under one roof. People are chatting, enjoying food, and immersing themselves in different cultures. This peaceful and amazing sight stood out to me the most.  

2. I participate in Celebration of Nations to promote love, peace, and prosperity and to let others know about my distinct culture, its uniqueness, and warmth. 

3. You will never how amazing someone or something is until you witness it yourself. For this reason, I believe cultural events like this should be done and promoted because it helps people bridge the cultural gap. It also helps students to develop a sense of appreciation and respect for other cultures. 

Syed Zaidi, Film/Cinema & Video studies, Pakistan.

1. Everything is so perfect, but my favorite part of Celebration of Nations and the main attraction is definitely the food.

2. I choose to participate in Celebration of Nations because this is the only platform to present my culture and values to the other people. 

3. People who love different cultures, food and diversity, will love this event and should come to see the colors from every part of the world. If students want to learn more about different things from different countries, they should join our hands in CELEBRATION OF NATIONS.

To learn more about international student services and be informed about upcoming events, check out their page on DragonCentral.