Path Events and Prizes

Attention Dragons! We’re bringing you a new way to learn outside of class AND a new way to be entered into prizes. They’re called (can you guess it?) Path events!  By now, you probably know what the Pathways are. If you don’t, you can learn about them more here. If you don’t feel like reading another blog, here’s a quick blurb: […]

Student Life Pathways

Do you know about Pathways? New this year, you can check your progress on DragonCentral. Get rewarded for your campus involvement by completing a Pathway and getting your name put in a drawing. Have questions? Check out our FAQ!

Pathways FAQ

You can see all the Pathways, Skillsets, and Items on DragonCentral. Video Tutorials: 1. On Your Own Items – learn how to find items that you can complete whenever, wherever and get credit for them2. Download your Involvement Report – get a list of all the things you’ve done What’s a Pathway? Pathways is a program on DragonCentral. We created […]