Path Events and Prizes

Attention Dragons! We’re bringing you a new way to learn outside of class AND a new way to be entered into prizes. They’re called (can you guess it?) Path events

By now, you probably know what the Pathways are. If you don’t, you can learn about them more here. If you don’t feel like reading another blog, here’s a quick blurb: Pathways was made as a way for students to track their growth while at MSUM. In a student organization? Counts towards a Pathway. Met with your advisor (before the start of the next semester)? Counts towards a Pathway. Gone to a welcome week event? You guessed it, counts towards a Pathway. 

How do I know it is a Path event?

There’ll be plenty of Path events throughout the semester. You’ll know if it is a Path event if it says so on DragonCentral or by the logo on promotional materials (keep a look out on the Student Life Instagram to know what that logo will look like). Path events will also have an introduction that say they are Path events. To make sure your attendance is counted, scan your ID when you come to the event.

The Path events will have a theme around them and will help you work towards a particular Pathway. For example, if you go to an event at the Career Development Center, chances are you are checking off something on the Professional Success Pathway. The goal is to make sure every Path event is educational and fun.

A great example of a Path event that is coming up is “Learn-shop-Whole Person Wellness,” where you can learn from Patrick Metzger, the presenter, about being organized, creating a strong mindset, etc. Keep an eye out for events like that!

How do I win a prize through Path events?

From February-April, there’ll be a monthly drawing where 5 winners will be chosen to win a 25$ gift card to Amazon. How do you become one of those lucky winners? Here are the rules:

  • You must attend a Path event twice a month.
  • You must be following MSUM Student Life on Instagram.
  • You must be a student at MSUM.
  • This giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed, or associated with Instagram.

We can’t wait to see how dragons use these Path events to better themselves. Make sure you look on DragonCentral so you don’t miss an event you’re interested in!