Governor Walz today announced his higher education bonding proposal for the 2020 Legislative session, which includes $142.5 million for asset preservation and $121.2 million for capital bonding projects at the colleges and universities of Minnesota State (see the statement from Minnesota State). This proposal includes Minnesota State University Moorhead’s renovation of Weld Hall (which is #4 on the list) and Higher Education Asset Preservation and Replacement (HEAPR) funding for several campus buildings.

“We’re thrilled that Governor Walz is committed to supporting the work of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, including MSU Moorhead,” said MSUM President Anne Blackhurst. “MSUM’s largest request is for the preservation of Weld Hall, our most historic and distinguished campus building. Nearly every MSUM student has at least one class in Weld Hall, and the building’s auditorium is home to events and activities that benefit thousands of students and community members. We’re excited to modernize the space so it can do even more to meet our campus and community needs.”

MSUM also requested $9.3 million for HEAPR repairs. These restricted funds address deficiencies in campus facilities.  

“HEAPR projects are not the most glamorous capital projects, but they are critical investments to keep our buildings safe, warm and dry,” said Brenda Norris, MSUM’s executive director of facilities management.

Among MSUM’s 2020 Capital Requests:

Weld Hall  

$17.3 million requested to preserve and modernize the university’s oldest and most distinguished building on campus. Impacts include:

  • Renovate Glasrud Auditorium to create a multi-purpose venue for teaching lab, lecture hall, performance space and workforce training.
  • Increase the number of multi-functional classrooms for improved academic space utilization.
  • Create flexible, technology-enhanced classrooms that foster collaborative learning environments.

Bridges Hall & Owens Hall

$7.3 million HEAPR requested for HVAC upgrades.

  • Upgrade will improve the dependability of systems with annual energy savings of $107,00 anticipated.
  • Preempt continued deterioration and cost to repair.

Murray Hall

$1.6 million HEAPR requested for ADA ramps and exterior door and windows.

  • Repair and restore the existing ramp to increase building accessibility and reduce the risk of falls or injuries.
  • Replace original doors and windows with energy-efficient assembles, resulting in anticipated savings of $10,000 annually.

Center for the Arts

$523,000 HEAPR requested for chilled water system upgrade.

  • Replace original chilled water equipment with a new air-cooled chiller.
  • Upgrade will address deferred maintenance of the existing system and provide a return on investment.