Meet MSUM’s Communications Coordinator for Admissions, Lindsey Guajardo. She started her MSUM journey as a student and now returns as staff. You can find her in the Admissions Office, sharing her MSUM heart.

Start date: April 1, 2019

Q: What drew you to MSUM?
A: I was a student here. I got a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications and graduated in 2005. While I was in school here, I was kind of all in. I was in student senate, The Advocate, and in the Delta Zeta Sorority. I really felt a connection to the school, not only in the classroom but in the environment. It helped that I was a Dragon at heart.

Q: Do you have any previous or other connections to MSUM?
A: Boy do I. My husband and I met here. My dad graduated from here, as did several of my aunts and uncles. My husband’s parents went to school here, as did his sister. We like to say that we’re a Dragon family!

Q: What energizes you at work?
A: It’s everyone in this office is very collaborative and I feel like that energy inspires me to work harder and I don’t feel anyone ever dragging me down. People are always quick to recognize good ideas.

Q: What unique experience or skills from your last job do you bring to MSUM?
A: With marketing, it is already kind of unique. It is kind of all about knowing your audience. I am coming at it with a fresh go. With an audience of juniors and seniors, it might be their first time talking to a university and my first time talking to them. We can all come at it with fresh eyes.

Q: How do you prefer to start your workday?
A: If it’s nice outside, I like to ride my bike to work. It’s a really good way to wake up all the muscles in the morning. I also typically drink a cup of coffee, check Facebook, read the news headlines and scroll through Instagram. Kind of just getting a sense of the world.

Once a Dragon, always a Dragon. We are happy you’re a part of the #DragonFamily, Lindsey!