Alison Barkhymer (Cellular and Molecular Biology major) has published her research on zebrafish in the international peer-reviewed publication Journal of Fish Biology. The research was co-mentored by Shawn Garrett (Chemistry and Biochemistry Department) and Brian Wisenden (Biosciences Department). Alison measured changes in whole-body cortisol in response to the type of injury-released chemical compounds that result from an attack by a predator. Because the biochemistry of fear in zebrafish is the same as it is in people, this work is the first step toward using zebrafish as a model for the study of anxiety in humans. The title of the publication is: Barkhymer AJ, Garrett SG, Wisenden BD. (2018) Olfactorily-mediated cortisol response to chemical alarm cues in zebrafish Danio rerio. Journal of Fish Biology.