Brian Wisenden publishes research in British scientific journal

Brian Wisenden, and Craig Stockwell, NDSU professor in the biological sciences department and director of the environmental and conservation sciences graduate program director, have published a research paper in the prestigious scientific journal, Proceedings of the Royal Society B. “Ignorance is not bliss: evolutionary naiveté in an endangered desert fish and implications for conservation” was published Aug. 17. “Many of […]

Biosciences students publish paper in peer-reviewed journal

Biology majors Alexis Taylor and Jessica Undem, mentored by Brian Wisenden (Biosciences) and Michael Wagner (Fisheries and Wildlife Department, Michigan State University), published an experimental study in the international peer-reviewed journal  Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology. The title of their paper is “Moby-Bass: suction feeding by predators limits direct release of alarm cues in fishes”.  

Pandey and Wisenden publish review on ecoimmunology

Sumali Pandey, Brian Wisenden, both from the Biosciences Department, along with two collaborators from NDSU, Craig Stockwell and Madison Snider, published a review paper this month in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences. The title of the paper is Epidermal club cells in fishes: a case for ecoimmunological analysis. The paper is available for download here:

Pandey and Wisenden publish on curriculum standardization of immunology courses

Sumali Pandey and Brian Wisenden, Biosciences Department, published a paper in a peer-reviewed journal. This paper resulted from a multi-institutional collaboration organized by Dr. Pandey to survey topics and concepts currently taught in undergraduate immunology courses with the goal of reaching consensus on common curricular standards across the USA. The article citation is: Bruns HA, Wisenden BD, Vanniasinkam T, Taylor […]

Pandey, Wisenden and undergraduate students publish research from MSUM lab

Sumali Pandey, Biosciences Department, published research from her lab entitled “Factors Contributing to Sex Differences in MiceInhaling Aspergillus fumigatus,” in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, with MSUM undergraduate students Andrea Schaefer, Mai Ceesay, Jennicca Leier, and Jacob Tesch. Brian Wisenden (Biosciences) is also a coauthor on the publication. This research was funded by a $25k grant […]