Monday, Nov. 6 | 3-4:30 p.m. | Library 103

British viewers like neither subs nor dubs (subtitling and dubbed versions), so it was a great surprise when Scandinavian TV Drama took off in the late noughties. Starting with Wallander in 2009 audiences quickly switched to Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and even Icelandic dramas in the following years. ‘Tack’ slipped into English usage for some viewers and holidays were taken in Scandinavia to see the locations in Copenhagen, Skone and Stockholm. 

This talk will describe this second, cultural, Viking invasion and its effects on TV drama. As part of the wider phenomenon, U.S./Scandinavian TV production will be considered. What does this all mean for Scandinavia’s cultural position in the world and for European TV Drama and identity?

This guest lecture is presented by University of Lincoln Professor Tom Nicholls, 2017’s visiting faculty member representing the UK exchange program. Tom is a Senior Lecturer in Media Theory at the University of Lincoln. Initially trained as a Photographer at Birmingham School of Photography his teaching and research interests have gradually migrated to moving image critical theory over the last twenty-five years, teaching Film Studies and specializing in Television Studies more recently.

Join us for the lecture, refreshments, and Q & A with the presenter at 3 p.m. on Monday, November 6 in Library 103. All are cordially invited.