MSUM Profs Pair Music and Poetry

MSUM professors Terrie Manno and Kevin Zepper present a performance that combines Manno’s music and Zepper’s poetry on Thursday, Feb. 26, at 7 p.m. in Fox Recital Hall in the Roland Dille Center for the Arts on the MSUM campus. The two faculty members call themselves “Lines&Notes,”and recently performed at the International Conference on the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Education in Honolulu. The MSUM event is free and open to the public.
The duo also uses music by other composers, such as Satie, Bach and Beethoven, to suit some of Zepper’s work. “Each musical composition enhances the poetry with programmatic elements, creating a mood, evoking emotions, and building tension and release that supports the content of the poetry,” says Manno. “It’s really a very effective collaboration that enlivens the spoken word.”
Manno and Zepper will also soon record for a future episode on Prairie Public Television.
Manno teaches music in MSUM’s School of Performing Arts, and has toured as a piano soloist in the United States and throughout Europe. Zepper teaches in MSUM’s English Department. His work has appeared on “The Beat” on, Northern Community Radio. He also works with Poets Across Minnesota, an initiative sponsored by the Northern Lights Library Network.