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Students present research at Red River Psychology Conference

Posted on April 14, 2014

Psychology students presented research at the 28th Annual Red River Psychology Conference, hosted by Concordia College.

The following presentations were made:

Madhuri Tiwari and Katie Johnson (with Dr. C. Malone) “Competing Sound and Spelling Information Produce Memory Blocks in Word Fragment Completion”

Samantha Kallberg (with Dr. R. Bergstrom)”Appearance-related Social Norms: How the Thin-Ideal Impacts Opposite Sex Perceptions of Attractiveness”

Ryan Hamilton and Timothy Fode (with Dr. G. Nickell) “The Right Person for the Job: The Influence of Resume Position on Hiring Decisions.”

Kelsey Ihringer “The role of attachment in facial emotion scanning patterns of infant-mother dyads.”

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