Students present research at Red River Psychology Conference

Psychology students presented research at the 28th Annual Red River Psychology Conference, hosted by Concordia College. The following presentations were made: Madhuri Tiwari and Katie Johnson (with Dr. C. Malone) “Competing Sound and Spelling Information Produce Memory Blocks in Word Fragment Completion” Samantha Kallberg (with Dr. R. Bergstrom)”Appearance-related Social Norms: How the Thin-Ideal Impacts Opposite Sex Perceptions of Attractiveness”

Elizabeth Nawrot’s article published in Journal of Vision

Elizabeth Nawrot, Psychology, had an article titled “The role of eye movements in depth from motion parallax during infancy” published in the December issue of the Journal of Vision. The research investigated the role of various eye movement systems in infants’ ability to perceive depth early in life. More than 200 babies participated. A number of MSUM undergraduate students were […]

Wisenden and students publish paper

For the second time in the same week, Brian Wisenden, Biosciences Department, has published another research paper. Biosciences undergraduates Randy Sutrisno and Phillip Schotte conducted a test of phylogenetic differences in predators’ ability to mask or biochemically degrade the chemical alarm cues of their prey that eke out of the predator’s digestive system.

Biosciences professors and student have paper accepted for publication

Shireen Alemadi, Brian Wisenden and undergraduate student Andrew Nelson (all Biosciences Department) have had a paper accepted for publication in the international peer-reviewed journal Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology. The title of the paper is “Learned recognition of novel predator odour by convict cichlid embryos.” In this study, eggs of the cichlid fish were simultaneously exposed to the odor of a […]