Laser Fest 2014 continues through Thursday

The first ever Laser Fest 2014 is taking place at the Minnesota State University Moorhead Planetarium. The Planetarium is showing laser shows ranging from educational, family oriented, and modern to classic rock laser programs.

Planetarium director Dave Weinrich said, “Many concerts use lasers, but Laser Fest 2014 brings it to the next level. These are colorful, graphic images created by lasers, and choreographed to music.”

Audiences can sit back, listen to great music and watch colorful laser images dance across the Planetarium’s dome. Choose from shows like, Laser Beatles, featuring fifteen Beatles classics; Laser Led Zeppelin; or Lasermania.

The shows last 40 to 45 minutes. Matinees are $5 and evening shows are $8.

Visit the Laser Fest 2014 website to find the full schedule.