Theatre Arts alums Matthew Pitner, Joe Rapp, Tyler Michaels and Lucas Vonasek, four of the members of Bearded Men Improv, are coming home to MSUM as part of a national tour. The comedy troupe got its start in Fargo-Moorhead when the four were students, and has been a staple on Friday nights for almost three years at Minneapolis’ HUGE Theater.

The tour, titled “Beard by Beardwest,” starts Jan. 30 and runs through Feb. 16. The Beards will drive from Minneapolis to Los Angeles, performing and teaching workshops almost everyday. “Beard by Beardwest” is the troupe’s first national tour, but not their first journey out of Minneapolis. Over the past few years, the Bearded Men have been invited to over fifteen improv and comedy festivals in the United States and Canada.

The “Beard by Beardwest Tour” will perform on MSUM’s Gaede Stage Feb. 3 at 10:30 p.m. Ticket are $3 for students ($5 for two) and $5 for the general public. More information about the tour is available at