Thank you for hosting a Homecoming open house/reunion. We hope you have a good turnout and enjoy engaging with alumni & friends.

Each department has been supplied the following “party favors.”

  • 25 Alumni contact cards – encourage alumni to complete these cards.  They are our # 1 source of information, interests, address and career updates, (use them as a “carrot” & collect them for the door prize drawings.)
  • Speaking of, enclosed are a couple door prizes – photo frame, water bottle and baby tee.  The Alumni office sends a complimentary baby tee to all alums who let us know of their new arrival.
  • Window decals and note pads for all. 

Alumni repeatedly share about the impact faculty & staff had on their lives.

We have been working hard planning a fun filled weekend for alumni to reminisce, revisit favorite places and see what is new at their alma mater. Many may find things that have changed; new buildings, paint and food choices in Kise. One thing has not changed, the dedication of faculty and staff who made a difference in their lives.

Please visit and encourage alumni to do the same.  Here, you may register to access the FREE online alumni directory, see alumni benefits, travel opportunities and connect with others through Linked in, Facebook and so much more….

Again, thank you for hosting our alumni! Each effort sends a positive message and helps build for the future.

Gina Monson, Director of Alumni Relations


p.s. Please return completed Alumni contact cards to the Alumni office and we will update the alumni database.