Dragons in the News

Immigration is a wash on wages, but an overall boost for economy, MSUM professor says, InForum: “Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made immigration a hot topic for the Nov. 8 election with his claims that Mexican illegal immigrants were criminals and ‘rapists’ and that they are stealing Americans’ jobs. But those claims don’t hold up—for the most part—says Oscar Flores, a […]

HVAC system repair has chilling effect

Feeling a bit chilly in your office lately? MSUM employees have wondered why we’re running the air conditioning in the low 60s during the summer.  The short is answer is that we’re replacing several of our steam pipes which would otherwise bring the temperatures back to normal in our buildings.  Sound silly? It’s a standard and sustainable practice. In order […]

Heating and cooling changes will translate to significant energy savings

The MSUM HVAC Department is implementing a new program in the campus building automation system to help cut back on energy costs. Based on the previous fiscal year, the average monthly electric demand charge from Moorhead Public Service is $58,000 and the average electric charge is $50,700. The new heating and cooling changes are being implemented to reduce the demand charge by five percent. Click headline for more information.