Harris published in Journal of Southern Religion

An article by Paul Harris, professor emeritus of History, has been published in the Journal of Southern Religion. The article is entitled “Mission and Uplift: Methodist Education in the American South and Liberia” and contrasts the relative success of Gammon Theological Seminary in training black ministers with the difficulty of exporting uplift to Liberia. The Journal of Southern Religion is […]

Student work acknowledged in international journal

The work of MSUM Physics/Sustainability/Chemistry majors Sakurako Tani, Salim Thomas, Melissa Foley, Gabe Buehler, and Abel Eshete was acknowledged in the international journal Solid State Ionics. The project seeks to understand the underlying physics of sodium ion conduction in glasses. The work has potential to improve sodium battery technology for use on an industrial scale in solar and wind farms. […]

Dr. Kim’s article listed as top read article in academic journal

Dr. Wooyang Kim’s article has been selected as the most read articles in 2017-2018 at an academic journal. The article by Wooyang Kim (Associate Professor of Marketing at the Paseka School of Business) is listed as the top read articles of Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science in 2017-2018, published by Taylor & Francis. The information is available at Taylor […]