Dr. Wooyang Kim’s article has been selected as the most read articles in 2017-2018 at an academic journal.

The article by Wooyang Kim (Associate Professor of Marketing at the Paseka School of Business) is listed as the top read articles of Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science in 2017-2018, published by Taylor & Francis. The information is available at Taylor & Francis. The given link provides free access to read the selected articles until December 31, 2019. Dr. Kim’s article is ranked as the 7th most-read article in the journal.

The title of the article is “Consumer innovativeness and consideration set as antecedents of the consumer decision process for highly globalized new products: A three-country empirical study,” coauthored by C. Antony Di Benedetto and James M. Hunt, Temple University, in 2012.

This article received “Google i-10 High Citation-Impact Award” from the Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science in 2016 and selected as Editor’s Choice Collection in the same journal in 2013. As an expert in this research area, he has been globally invited in academic and industrial societies as a reviewer and invited lecturer.