Anthropology/Earth Science faculty attend archaeological conference

Rinita Dalan, George Holley and Michael Michlovic, Anthropology and Earth Science, attended the 57th Annual Midwest Archaeological Conference held in LaCrosse, Wisc., with nine MSUM anthropology students. Michlovic presented a paper, authored by Michlovic, Holley and Dalan, entitled “A Survey Perspective on Settlement and Culture History on the Southwest Minnesota Prairie.” Holley also presented a paper entitled “Oneota in the […]

Holley, Michlovic, Dalan complete archaeological report

George Holley, Mike Michlovic and Rinita Dalan, Anthropology and Earth Science, completed a report on an archaeological survey of Swift County, Minnesota. The field work was done in summer 2010 with involvement of all three faculty, ten archaeology students and two graduate student MSUM alums. The survey discovered 45 new archaeological sites in Swift County and located several areas likely […]