Dalan, Holley and Michlovic published in Archaeological Prospection

Rinita Dalan, George Holley, and Michael Michlovic, Anthropology and Earth Science, published an article in the October-December 2011 issue of the Wiley-Blackwell international journal Archaeological Prospection (Volume 18, Issue 4). The article, entitled “The Measurement and Analysis of Depth in Archaeological Geophysics: Tests at the Biesterfeldt Site, USA”, focused on the development of various innovative remote sensing techniques for extracting depth information at archaeological sites. Co-authors included colleagues from Dakota Technologies Inc., in Fargo, who worked with Dalan to test a prototype of their direct-push color system (which measures the reflection of light over the red–green–blue and near-infrared spectrum) for mapping the depths of archaeological features and stratigraphic layers.

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