College of Social and Natural Sciences presents fall student research awards

The College of Social and Natural Sciences awarded Fall Student Research Awards to support student research for majors in the College. Member sof the College’s Student Advisory Board reviewed applications and made the final determination of grant recipients.

All projects are endorsed by a faculty supervisor, and applicants must be willing to present her/his research results at the MSUM Student Academic Conference. Grants are available for conducting research (photocopy expenses, equipment and software purchases, etc.) and/or for travel to a conference where research will be presented.

The Fall Student Research Awards were given to:

  • Lynsee Langsdon, Anthropology & Earth Science (George Holley).
  • Justin Scheierl, Jessica Nymark and Kurtis Mcintire, Bioscience (Brian Wisenden).
  • Brittany Bisnett, Bioscience (Ellen Brisch and Bee Wisenden)
  • Carissa Storseth and Noah Berglund, Bioscience (Brian Wisenden).
  • Cassandra Anderson, Bioscience (Andrew Marry).
  • Danielle Kuperus, Ashlyn Kuklock and Jaclyn Kuklock, Bioscience (Dan McEwen).
  • Jennifer Wenner, Psychology (Elizabeth Nawrot).
  • Sky Purdin, Sociology (Lee Vigilant).