Call for Volunteers: 2,000 Eco-Artworks Donated and $15,000 Raised with NCLS Foundation Team

MSUM student Faith Sycaoyao, an international visual artist majoring in Economics and International Business and Team Leader for the NCLS Foundation initiative at the Bezos Family Foundation‘s Students Rebuild program, warmly invites individuals to join! The Climate Action for Children’s Future: Environmental Art Charity Project, led by her, has already donated 2,000+ artworks and raised $15,000 for global organizations.

Urgent Call to Action for MSUM Community:

In the midst of global environmental issues, it is estimated that practically 1 billion children are vulnerable to the impacts of the climate crisis (Buechner, 2021). Faith encourages the MSUM community to work together to create a better future for the next generation. Students, professors, employees, alumni, and friends and family members are invited to submit environmental focused drawings. With a deadline of June 21st, there is still time to make a difference. Every participant will be awarded a Certificate of Participation, recognizing their substantial contribution to this global effort.

The funds raised through this initiative will support esteemed organizations such as Choose Earth, Little Amal, The National Wildlife Federation, Eden Reforestation Projects, Solgaard Nyx Foundation, 4-H, and Maui United Way. These nonprofit partners by Students Rebuild aim to address critical environmental issues and foster sustainable development worldwide.

Join the Movement:

Faith’s initiative demonstrates the powerful influence that art and community engagement can have, and what any creative can do.

“Art has the power to connect us and drive change! I’m excited to see the MSUM community come together to support this cause.” says Faith.

Contribute your artwork, spread the news, and become a part of a global cause. There are no limitations on involvement, and it can even be a simple art piece. Any sort of art is accepted, including paintings, digital works, paper crafts, and more (traditional art must be photographed under adept lighting), and all works must be emailed to

For more information and to submit your artwork, please visit the Students Rebuild website or contact Faith directly at her MSUM email. Results, updates, and examples can be viewed in the links below:


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