Jered Pigeon was featured on Professional Lunch with Ricot Aladin

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Jered Pigeon, Campus Diversity Officer and Director of Diversity & Inclusion, was the featured guest on the May 10 episode of Professional Lunch with Ricot Aladin. Aladin is the founder/president of Professional Lunch, a podcast featuring professionals sharing experiences about their careers.

In promoting his interview with Jered, Aladin said: “I had the opportunity to have Jered on the show to share his story and the work he is doing to improve DEI work on the MSUM campus. It is great to know that students from diverse backgrounds have a voice in leading societal advancement to make their world a better place by providing support and leadership to ensure their success. Jered has been serving in that role for almost five years but feels he has been involved in DEI work all his life. He is from a mixed background and has witnessed a lot of social movements that capture his attention. Jered is passionate about his work and has great advice for those who want to get involved.