Electronic door maintenance across campus on May 24th and 25th

There will be down time associated with upgrades to the door system on May 24th and 25th.  PLEASE be sure to carry your card with you.  

Tuesday, May 24th:  The door controllers will be rebooting during the day, which will lock the doors as each controller is updated throughout the day. There are multiple readers/doors connected with each controller. This will be throughout the entire campus. Cards will not work during the reboot.  Doing this during the day is covered under our support contract.  We will start at the West end of campus and work out way to East ending with Nemzek. Due to different types of upgrades needed per controller, the update schedule and amount of time to update each controller, is not easily defined.

Wednesday, May 25th:  The main server will be upgraded and so the “Card as a Key” environment will not be functioning during the server upgrade.