Save the Date and a Preview of Oct. 3 Faculty and Professional Development Day

October 3, 2022 – 8:30-2:30 pm
Faculty & Professional Development Day:

Where Are We Now? Where Do We Go from Here?  Student Engagement in Higher Education’s Next Normal

Breakout sessions, collaborative workshops, poster sessions highlighting research and applied practices, roundtable discussions to share ideas and best practices with colleagues, with a goal to achieve parity between online and in-person opportunities.

Check Employee News and your email for a call for your opportunity to propose breakout sessions involving topics such as:

Student-Centered Practices

* How are we supporting and engaging students? What innovative approaches are happening at MSUM?
* How are we adapting to changing student needs? What are the needs and what strategies and best practices are being used at MSUM?
* How does teaching practice evolve alongside the changing instructional landscape of multiple modalities and pervasive technology?
* What course design and facilitation practices are being used at MSUM? How are we aligning course objectives to course activities and authentically assessing student learning?
* How are we using student assessment data to improve instruction?

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

* How are we creating inclusive classroom environments? What are some examples of how we help to remove barriers to learning by encouraging students to learn from the course, their peers, and the instructor while being their authentic self? What resources are available?* * How are we using an asset-based lens to value what our students bring to the classroom rather than being characterized by what they may need to work on or lack? What does this look like in practice at MSUM?
* How are we diversifying and expanding our curriculum to be inclusive and intersectional? How are we including scholars and course materials from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds?
* How do our students connect to the available support services and departments? What services and programs at MSUM should we be aware of and guide students to?


* How have our students changed since the start of the pandemic? Which student behaviors present challenges to student engagement? * What tactics are being used at MSUM to support and retain our students?
* How have student expectations changed? What do our students expect now versus what they expected only a few years ago?
* How does MSUM meet these expectations and what changes might have permanence? Which expectations seem unreasonable and how do we respond?

Teaching and Learning

* How have the past two years changed our teaching and work environment and how are we adapting?
* What resources have we relied on and what resources might we need in the future?

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