MSU Moorhead has made significant changes to its automatic scholarship program for new students entering Fall 2022.

“We recognize that students have worked hard in high school and we want to reward that performance by providing bigger and better automatic scholarships,” said Tom Reburn, MSUM’s director of undergraduate admissions. “Not only that, we have made it easier for students to qualify by awarding these scholarships based on high school grade point average or ACT composite score, not a combination of the two.”

MSUM now offers five levels of automatic scholarships up to $14,000 awarded annually over four years. For example, the Distinguished Dragon awards $14,000 to students with a 3.9 GPA or 30 ACT, the Blaze awards $7,000 to students with a 3.7 GPA or 26 ACT, and the Ignite scholarship awards $2,000 to students with a 3.2 GPA or 23 ACT.

“We award scholarships at the time of admission until all funds are fully committed,” Reburn said.

More than one way to renew scholarships 

Another change to the scholarship program is the annual renewal process. Scholarships automatically renew with a 3.5 cumulative GPA, but now students can also renew by achieving a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and participating in student life activities.

“We recognize that students succeed in a variety of ways in college and that’s why we’re offering them more than one way to renew their scholarship,” Reburn said. “Getting involved in campus life helps students reach their goal of graduation.”

Student life activities may include being active in a student club, conducting research with a faculty member or attending university events.   

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