Fall 2021 Academic Progress Checks Update – November 2

Academic Progress Checks are a snapshot of how students are doing in each of their classes and are requested of all faculty at weeks 5 and 10 each semester.

In Fall 2021, MSUM achieved an outstanding university-wide progress checks completion rate of 90.8% with over 34,000 individual progress checks completed. Details are available in the table below for both week 5 and week 10 progress check completion and total completion rates. A scholarship incentive was provided this fall to each academic college that achieved a total progress check completion rate of 90% or higher. Two colleges, the College of Business, Analytics, and Communication and the College of Education and Human Services, achieved a total completion rate of 90% or higher, earning $1500 in scholarships for their students. The College of Education and Human Services earned an additional $500, for a total of $2000 in scholarship funds, by achieving a total completion rate of 99% or higher.

College Week 5
Week 5 %
Week 10
Week 10 %
Total %
Arts & Humanities 2758/3504 78.7% 2630/3521 74.7% 5338/7025 76.0%
Business, Analytics & Communication 5115/5269 97.1% 4931/5091 96.9% 10046/10360 97.0%
Education & Human Services 4336/4336 100.0% 4163/4240 98.2% 8499/8576 99.1%
Science, Health & the Environment 4905/5323 92.1% 4415/5229 84.4% 9320/10552 88.3%
University College 606/688 88.1% 522/683 76.4% 1128/1371 82.3%
Total 17720/19120 92.7% 16661/18764 88.8% 34381/37884 90.8%

Note: the number requested/completed in this table is reflective of the number of individual grades/updates requested of faculty. For example, if a faculty member is teaching a course with 40 students and completes those progress checks, that 40 is reflected in both the requested and completed numbers in this table.

What happens with this information?
The high number of submitted progress checks gives a clear picture of how students are doing in most of their classes, so concerning trends or individual course concerns can be seen and addressed with students. Students with deficient academic progress checks (those with grades of a D, F, or who are marked as “at-risk” or “attendance”) start receiving outreach from support staff across campus the day after progress checks close. Support staff contact students via email and phone to provide guidance and connect them to support services like tutoring and academic coaching.

We extend our sincere thanks to our faculty for providing these critical updates in support of MSUM students!

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