As an Economics major at MSUM, McKenna Togstad expressed interest in the National Student Exchange (NSE) program because she wanted to spend one semester of her undergraduate educational journey learning and enjoying Broadway at the same time.  McKenna participated in NSE to New Jersey City University in spring 2019 and returned to MSUM to focus her undergraduate economics research on the Broadway performance industry.  With Drs. Oscar Flores and T. J. Hansen serving as her research mentors, McKenna developed the paper, “The COVID-19 Intermission:  Economic Analysis and Public Policy Implications for Broadway.”  Her research is accessible in Volume 30 Issue 2 (September 2021) on the Issues in Political Economy website,

McKenna joins students from elite liberal arts institutions in being selected to publish her undergraduate research within Issues in Political Economy. She is the twelfth MSUM Economics student since 2005 whose undergraduate research has been selected for publication.

Before graduating from MSUM in spring 2020, McKenna competed on the Swimming and Diving Team in the distance freestyle events.  She also served as a Dragon Ambassador for three years.


T. J. Hansen