Dr. Aaron Quanbeck, a professor in the School of Communication and Journalism, was interviewed for the television program “Journalism: Then and Now” produced by Klein College Master of Journalism student Paige Murray. The episode focused on the lasting impact of legendary broadcaster Edward R. Murrow’s famous address to the 1958 Radio-Television News Directors Association. Often referred to as the “wires and lights in a box” speech, he expressed his growing dissatisfaction with the broadcasting industry and how it was putting profits ahead of properly informing the public. Dr. Quanbeck was approached to be a part of the program based on his doctoral dissertation that analyzed Murrow’s speech and the impact it has on broadcast journalism today. The program aired this summer on TUTV Temple University Television in Philadelphia. You can find the Murrow episode of “Journalism: Then and Now” at https://templetv.net/shows/university-specials/journalism-then-and-now/