Trans-exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs) argue that including trans women in women’s spaces like sports erases the rights and experiences of cis-women, straight and queer. What’s really at the root of this transphobic ideology? How are feminism and women’s rights weaponized against the trans community to ultimately harm all women and gender non-conforming people, and how can we fight back?

Tune in on Thursday, April 8th from 12:00-1:00pm to find out! Panel discussion will be followed by Q&A.

Anthony Birklid (they/them), Tristate Transgender
Katrina Koesterman (she/her), Tristate Transgender
Jennifer Kupferman (she/her), MSUM Women’s & Gender Studies
Faye Seidler (she/her), Community Uplift Program

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Passcode: 864902

Questions? Contact Dana Bisignani (she/her), Coordinator of Gender & Sexuality at or (218) 477-4973.


Dana Bisignani