Goldwater Scholarship Nominees

Congratulations to 2021 Goldwater Scholarship nominees, Aujanae Eubanks (Psychology), Bridgett Grosz (Geosciences), Carlan Haugrud (Health and Medical Sciences), and Anna Madsen (Biochemistry & Biotechnology and Cellular & Molecular Biology). The Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship Program is a nationally recognized and prestigious program designed to provide support to highly qualified students who are planning on pursuing careers in science, math and engineering. The student nominees were selected based on strong academic performance, involvement in research, and plans to pursue postgraduate degrees. The Goldwater Foundation awardees are announced in March 2021.

MSUM’s Goldwater committee members are Juan Cabanela, Chad Duncan, Adam Goyt, Craig Jasperse, Chris Merkord, Paul Sando, and Kristofer Schlieper and Lisa Nawrot.